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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is surrounded by many clubs for you to dance at.

Square dancing is fun & friendship set to music.

We invite you to visit a club near you and discover our talented callers who will enable you to enjoy square dance almost any night of the week.

Check out where all the beginners classes are and organize your group to party each week while you all learn together , having fun and improving your fitness as well along the way.

View this very informative introduction video and you will start to see why Square Dancing Keeps You Young.

Club events entertain you all through the year along with annual events, state and National square dance conventions plus many talented callers from across Australia and the world for special events across Australia.

The diverse range of music and songs used in modern square dancing also makes it a very attractive alternative to people from other dance activities like swing, zumba, ceroc, vogue, tango, bokwa, boot scooting, line dance, round dance, ballroom, salsa, latin, old time and clogging.

Members of our Square Dancing Society of Queensland Inc are only to willing to assist with inquiries from the general public and members as required.


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