Square dancing is fun & friendship set to music.

We invite you to visit a club near you and discover our talented callers who will enable you to enjoy square dance almost any night of the week.

For those people looking to give square dance a go and discover for themselves how much fun they can have, they should check out the nearest venue to them where they can try Square Dance ABC - Introduction Dance Sessions - IDS A, B & C

Check out where all the beginners classes are and organize your group to party each week while you all learn together , having fun and improving your fitness as well along the way.

View this very informative introduction video and you will start to see why Square Dancing Keeps You Young.

Or check this out for action - Square Dance for the whole family This is a very small 80 second -YouTube showing how much fun it is for all ages!

There are many local links around Perth, Western Australia and general interest links provided for your convenience.

Club events entertain you all through the year along with annual events, state and National square dance conventions plus many talented callers from across Australia and the world for special events across Australia.

The diverse range of music and songs used in modern square dancing also makes it a very attractive alternative to people from other dance activities like swing, zumba, ceroc, vogue, tango, bokwa, boot scooting, line dance, round dance, ballroom, salsa, latin, old time and clogging.

Members of our Square Dance Society of Western Australia are only to willing to assist with inquiries from the general public and members as required.

Perth - Western Australia was the home of the 50th Australian National Square Dance Convention June 2009.

To view photos of this event click on this link

During this event a magnificent model of the Starship Enterprise was on display overhead complete with coloured lights.

This model was proudly made by Colin Brown and it is now for sale by the SDSWA.

You can view photos of the STAR TREK STARSHIP ENTERPRISE by clicking on the link.

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Click on this link >>>> Square Dance is a great way to have fun! - 45sec - YouTube

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Introduction Dance Sessions - IDS

Come and try square dance to discover how much fun it is and see if you then wish to join a beginners class? No experience is required - It's as simple as ABC - just visit one of the clubs listed below and enjoy fun and friendship set to music while you discover how to do Modern Square Dance with other active happy and healthy people.

You can enjoy these introduction classes and visit as many clubs as you like with your friends as often as you like while waiting for the next available full time beginners classes to commence.

Follow the links below to find out locations where you can try Square Dance ABC at a venue near you for Introduction Dance Sessions - IDS-ABC

Just come along in neat casual attire ready to be welcomed and looked after for a fun session of easy to follow moves with a friendly group of happy helpers. Please call ahead for more information - Steve 08 9243 1200 or 0419 900 441 or Free call contact 1800 643 277 free call from mobiles as well.

SDSWA Facebook web link

Learn to Square Dance 7 News interview 4-2019 Deloraine

National Square Dance Society of Australia - Facebook

You Should Probably Try Square Dance Too - 1m video clip